The Skreek in relation to A Hallowed Peace Long Forgotten

The Skreek once held a mighty empire of connected tunnels and caverns that spanned for hundreds of miles beneath Kosettu. Now, however, their majestic halls lay dark and void of any but the bravest of Skreeks or other “civilized” races.

The halls of Keeak, the capitol of the Skreek empire, drive any who go there to the brink of insanity. A great disaster seventy-five years ago, the cause still unknown, tore an irrepairable rift in the barrier between reality and The Wisp, the realm of dreams. Creatures beyond reckoning poured out, reality was warped, and Skreek blood formed lakes in the dark tunnels. Phantasms still roam the halls, and the senses slowly sink into delirium if a mortal stays too long within the caverns.

Only a handful of Skreek remain, scattered through out the Hallowed lands. Their ancient feelings of pride still exist, but it has been eroded horrendously. Skreeks lament the loss of their homeland, some even refuse to believe it’s gone. Many Skreek can be found drinking their sorrows away in taverns and complaining about life on the surface, but a select few choose to move on and build families or homes. Some even become adventurers…and a few even revisit the haunted halls of their past for closure.


A Hallowed Peace Long Forgotten Tavanesh