The Muse in relations to A Hallowed Peace Long Forgotten

The origins of the Muse lies within the Wisp, the dream realm. Muse ancestors were exiled from the Wisp centuries ago for an unknown crime, and now they dwell in The Hallowed Lands. Creatures of dreams, the Muse were given their names by mortal races due to their powers of inspiration because their real names were not even comprehensible by the mortal races. The muse themselves have forgotten this name and the majority of their heritage, and frankly, they don’t care.

The Muse are childish, and mischeivous- however, they are widely sought for their inspirational qualities and when serious can inspire simple farmers to become great warriors, utter failures can meet great success, and despair can become a new hope.

The Muse dwell mainly on Alastrio-Fi where their connection to the Wisp is stronger, but they can be found scattered through out The Hallowed Lands.


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