Exiles of the Arak-Tur, Necha-Turians have forsaken their cruel brethren in search of a more meaningful life.

-Average Height: 5’9"-6’3"
-Average Wieght: 125-190lbs

-Ability Scores: +2 Wisdom, +2 Constitution
-Size: Medium
-Speed: 6 squares
-Vision: Darkvision

-Languages: Common, Turian
-Skill Bonuses: +2 Stealth, +2 Perception
-Baneful Blood: Necha-Turians must choose to undergo the blood purging ritual and gain the Blood Control(Blood Armor), Blood Control(Blood Whip), or Blood Control(Blood Pool) Power, or keep their tainted blood and get the Blood Wrath Trait.

Blood Control (Blood Armor) – Necha-Turian Racial Power
You are able to exert control over the blood spilling from your body forming it into a hardened shield.
Standard Action * Personal
Requirement: You must be bloodied in order to use this power.
Effect: You gain temporary hit points equal to 5 + your constitution modifier. Increase to 10 + constitution modifier at level 10.

Blood Control (Blood Whip) – Necha-Turian Racial Power
You are able to exert control over the blood spilling from your body commanding it to form writhing tentacles that whip your enemies.
Standard Action * Close burst 1
Requirement: You must be bloodied in order to use this power.
Target: Each enemy in burst you can see.
Attack: Dexterity vs. AC
Hit: 1d10 + Constitution modifier. Increase damage to 2d10 + Constitution modifier at level 10.

Blood Control (Blood Pool) – Necha-Turian Racial Power
You are able to exert control over the blood spilling from your body causing it to pool on the ground and trap victims.
Standard Action * Area wall 1 within 0 squares
Requirement: You must be bloodied to use this power.
Effect: Creates a pool of blood on the square you’re standing on. If anyone passes over that square or stands on it they are immobilized unless they pass a DC 10+Constitution Modifier Reflex Saving Throw. Once trapped, they are stuck for 1d4+Constitution Modifier turns or until they pass a DC 14+Constitution Modifier strength test. Increase first saving throw to DC 14+Constitution modifier and the second to DC 18+Constitution modifier at 10th level.

Blood Wrath – Necha-Turian Racial Trait
When the Necha-Turian is bloodied anyone who attacks the Necha-Turian, or is attacked by the Necha-Turian must perform a DC 10+Constitution modifier Fortitude Saving Throw or suffer 1d4 points of posionous/necrotic damage.

-To use your own blood to your advantage.
-To be a resourceful and quick-witted outcast.
-To play a class that favors the Ranger, Rogue, and Warlock classes.

Necha-Turians share a lot of similarities with their brethren although they usually gain some physical improvements. Their stature is much straighter, unlike the hunched backs of the Arak-Turians. Their gray tinted skin stretches over their large jagged spine which protrudes slightly from their back. Their fingers are often times abnormally long although not too much so that it inhibits dexterity. Their nails are pitch black and rock hard but, unlike the Arak-Turians, are often shaved down to normal lengths. On the knees, and elbows Necha-Turians often have small patches of grey scales that may or may not be a different shade than their skin.

The head of a Necha-Turian is slightly disproportionate. It works in a slant with the chin sticking out and the forehead slightly back. Their nose is small and slender as is their lips. Their ears on the other hand are large and pointed, and their eyes are wide bulbous orbs without an iris.

An unpurged Necha-Turians eye color is a jet black, or in some cases a deep purple, and their hair is also jet black. When purged, a Necha-Turians hair and eye color doesn’t immediately change but will over time. Eyes will slowly become white or a rusty orange color while hair almost always goes white.

Very rarely, in Arak-Tur, a Turian will be brought into the world who is different from his brethren. Know one knows why this happens, not even the Necha-Turians themselves, but these Turians develop feelings that are alien to the Arak-Turians such as compassion. Often times these Turians die in the cruel lands of Arak-Tur, but occasionally one will escape over a dusk bridge and into The Hallowed Lands.

The cross over the dusk bridge leaves the (now) Necha-Turian drained, and everything he knew about his land and people becomes hazy. They remember enough to know they have no desire of going back, and that they hate thier people, but they are unable to drudge up any details of Arak-Tur.

Even after crossing the dusk bridge a Necha-Turian isn’t out of danger. Before many races knew of their existence, many Necha-Turians were slaughtered as if they were Arak-Turians, and even to this day they are often mistrusted and sometimes even lynched by radical groups.

Necha-Turians scratch out a living wherever they can find one which is usually in solitude. Some will attempt to integrate themselves into a society, taking the names and customs of the races they came across but no matter where they go they are met with some form of hatred.

Several procedures have been developed to “deal” with Necha-Turians. Many times other races will brand them (sometimes even with magical brands that allow the Necha-Turian to be tracked) under the pre-tense that they need to be distinguished from Arak-Turians, although the procedure is mostly succeeds with degrading the Necha-Turian. Also, a powerful wizard developed a ritual, almost 200 years ago, to purge the necrotic and posinous blood that Necha-Turian’s have. Some peoples refused to accept Necha-Turians into their society unless they underwent this ritual. Necha-Turians also noticed after the ritual had taken place they felt a new bond with their own blood and gained some control over it. They quickly learned to use this to their advantage. Another affect of the blood purging ritual is an increased life-span. The blood that very slowly ate away at the Necha-Turian reducing his or her life span to 75 years is cleaned and a purged Necha-Turian can live up to 200 years.

Necha Turian Names
Necha-Turians will often adopt new names of the people they come across when they enter The Hallowed Lands. Arak-Turian names are usually a two letter classification and then a number. Ex. Ka 129, Gi 566, Te 798


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