The Kalashtar in relations to A Hallowed Peace Long Forgotten

The Kalashtar live in small monastic villages situated on top of the mountain passes in Jaead. They are generally left alone and respected by the other races, whether this is out of fear or admiration depends upon the individual.

They are well known for the stong connection they have to the Wisp despite having no origin there. They use their connection to peer into the Wisp and gain powerful insight and sometimes even precognition. Occasionally members of other races may ascend the mountains and ask for guidance, advice, or even glimpses of the future. The Kalashtar will honor only the few of these requests they deem worthy, but usually even then with a price.

The Kalashtar connection to the realm of dreams doesn’t come without its own price however. Demons and creatures of dreams flock to the little ruptures that the Kalashtar create and can seep out into individual Kalashtar, destroying them from the inside out. Recently, the Kalashtar have gained the attention of much greater beings of the Wisp…


A Hallowed Peace Long Forgotten Tavanesh