The Changelings in relation to A Hallowed Peace Long Forgotten

Many equate the Changelings with the Wisp but that is a fact that is simply not true. The Changeling are no more a product of the Wisp than any other race and have merely evolved as such.

Changelings, however, are despised by all except for those who have use of them. The common person finds it difficult to trust one that can change their own appearance and the stigma arose that all Changelings were out to destroy the lives of the common person. In turn, they became victims of extreme prejudice and were ran out of many towns and cities across The Hallowed Lands.

They began to take up work where they could find it, and were therefore abused. A Changelings power held great potential, be it for an assassination or for spying on a cheating husband (which would also usually end in assassination) and are sought after by those in need of such talents. However, after they have completed their duties they are usually thrown back out onto the streets.


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